The Peace Box for Spiritual Meditation

    A Peace Box, for spiritual meditation.
    A Peace Box. Credit Facebook - Peace Box

    We live in a world where spiritual meditation and peacefulness take a back seat to almost everything.  If there were more people meditating, more places to meditate, and more opportunities to mediate, then the world would be a better place.  Right?  There’s a small company in Arizona that agrees.

    Peace Box is founded and run by Stacy Thrash, who is a certified teacher of meditation and mindfulness.  She began her mindfulness journey in 2008 while attending a Creative Writing and Meditation retreat in Sedona, AZ.  Stacy found the benefits of meditation and mindfulness to be so life-changing she became certified meditation teacher.

    Pop-up Spiritual Meditation

    The Peace Box is a mobile venue that has on-site education, training, and guided practice in mindfulness and meditation.  This pop-up meditation environment also provides therapeutic techniques for stress-reduction and overall wellness.  PeaceBox can be placed for a month or more in corporate, school and community settings.

    It doesn’t come with instant meditators but what it does is better.  Instead, the Peace Box enables people who don’t have the proper location or situation for spiritual meditating, to now have a place to go.  And if you’re a newbie to meditation there’s a learning experience available for you.

    Meditation for All

    Meditating in a Peace Box, for spiritual meditation.
    Meditating in a Peace Box. Credit: Peace Box.

    PeaceBox can accommodate up to 8 meditators inside and up to 16 including the downstairs deck when weather is permitting.  Another 8 meditators can sit on the top deck in good weather.

    Current Peace Box classes range from 30-45 minutes.  Some classes may be open-air or outdoor depending on class size and weather.  Many classes are intimate indoor classes with a maximum of 8 people.  Outdoor classes on the top deck or the on the lawn are also available.

    It looks pretty interesting to me.  I wonder if I can get one of those for the backyard.  Maybe invite some friends over.  Sounds like fun!

    For more information on Peace Box visit their web site.  Meditation is a large subject , but Wikipedia, the excellent Live and Dare, and the How to Mediate organization are good places to start.


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