My Steps to a Higher Self in the Spiritual World

A Trip to a Higher Self, @herewasthere, CC
A Trip to a Higher Self. @herewasthere, CC

I was born feet first coming into this world, and I’ve been disappointed because I haven’t been able to fly.

I was born to a Lutheran mother and a Presbyterian father who were sometimes church goers, but they were not spiritual. As early as age 4, I remember walking to church and to Sunday school when my parents didn’t take me.

When I found out that my parents didn’t have me baptized, I went to the church pastor and asked him to baptize my sister and I.

As a child, I was often banging my head and getting bumps on my head which I later learned was called my crown chakra – and I also had a lot of black and blue bruised eyes, especially at Easter time, which may have contributed to my spiritual awakening and awareness at an early age.

I could always remember most of the important events in my life, including remembering my dreams. I think that I was able to remember events and dreams easier, because I heard my parents sometimes say that they forget things and I always wanted to remember, so often I would try to make memory imprints in my mind so that I could hopefully remember more and I rehearsed my important memories every day, so that I wouldn’t forget them.

A Higher Self One Step at a Time

At the age of one year old, I remember mastering the ability to walk, but I was hoping that I would also be able to fly by that time. I remember mastering walking as vividly as if it were yesterday, because of it being a festive event. My parents took me to a dinner party and when I was walking perfectly, then the people at the dinner party cheered me, applauded me and a pianist played a celebratory song that everyone began singing which made a powerful emotional impression on my mind. I wasn’t concerned about walking, I just wanted to be able to fly.

Baby Steps to a Higher Self
Baby Steps to a Higher Self. Leo Leung, CC.

I enjoyed sitting in a large Chinese antique brass bowl and I would spin around and around in it for hours which caused me to feel dizzy, but it also helped me to see God, Jesus, the angels and spirits.

When I was 4, I had a very painful sore throat and a very high fever and as I saw that I was surrounded by angels and other spirits, my whole Inner being and my mind were filled with sparkling radiant prisms of golden rainbow colored lights that flowed inside me, up from my spine out through the top of my head like a brilliant fountain of light. When I shared this experience with my parents, they thought that I was dying and they took me to the hospital, and then the doctor removed my tonsils.

Also at about the age of 4 when my maternal great grandmother died, my parents went to her funeral and left me locked inside the car. I cried and called out to my great grandmother and the spirit of my great grandmother came to sit with me in the car so I wouldn’t feel alone. I didn’t know that it was her spirit visiting me, it was her looking the same as ever.

My parents tried to explain to me about death and told me that I would not be able to see my great grandmother again, but that was not my reality because I could still see and talk to my great grandmother anytime that I wanted to.

Remote Viewing of the Local Post Office

I remember remote viewing as early as age 4 to tell my father on a daily basis whether or not we had mail in our P.O. box. I remember one time that I told my father that there was a magazine in our mailbox, but when we arrived at the mailbox, our mailbox was empty.
My father told me, “Marla, I thought you told me that there was a magazine in our mailbox?” I told my father, “Well, there was our magazine there because I saw it in my mind.” So I knocked on the door of the postmaster’s office and he answered the door with our magazine in his hand as he had been reading it on his lunch break. My father then apologized to me.

Miami Beach Post Office. Leo Leung, CC.
Miami Beach Post Office. Leo Leung, CC.

In first grade, I remember being bullied on the playground and then becoming upset because I couldn’t fly away to escape from the bullies.

I was self-taught reading cards at age 9 with a normal deck of playing cards, as I hadn’t heard about Tarot cards yet, but it was a cool game to play to ask questions using cards.

My father saw me bilocating at age 9 and it frightened him as he could simultaneously see me in bed and in the TV room. He told me that I couldn’t watch TV late at night because I had school the next day and I was supposed to be in bed, but I was determined to watch TV, so I somehow figured out how to be in bed where I was supposed to be and to also be in the TV room watching television at the same time. My father yelled at me and said, “Marla, don’t you ever do that again!!!”

Every day after school, I would either ride my bicycle in the nearby cemetery to talk with the spirits there. Or I would go to the forest and sit by a stream where the little wild animals, squirrels, rabbits, birds, ducks, deer and even snakes would come to sit beside me. Even in college, I would often go to the cemetery to study because I enjoyed being outdoors in nature and it was always quiet in the cemetery.

My 6th grade teacher in public school, was from California and she taught our class meditation, yoga and psychometry and I was able to enhance my intuitive abilities.

When I lived in Germany, I visited the Zugspitzen Alps at age 19 and I got separated from the tour group because I decided to climb to the Summit, but I slipped, fell and was dangling off the side of the icy snowy mountain with no one around to help me.
All I could see for miles were mountains that looked photos that I’d seen of the Grand Canyon. Suddenly a man dressed in Lederhosen, wearing an Alpine hat appeared and gave me his hand to rescue me – he had the most beautiful violet eyes with white hair and a beard. He pulled me up off the side of the mountain and turned me around dusting the snow off of me, and I turned to thank him but he vanished as quickly as he had appeared and I never got to properly thank him.

In my life l have been blessed to experience both spiritual and paranormal experiences and in a way, that has been better than being able to fly.

Training Toward a Higher Self

Later, I studied with the University of Metaphysics to learn “Meditation Dynamics” and I studied with the Delphi University of Spiritual Studies to enhance my ability to communicate with the spirit world. I also studied with a Spiritualist minister to strengthen my connections to the spirit realm.

Learning about the spiritual side of life and about the power of the mind has always fascinated me. I believe that a practice of meditation has also helped me to have contactee experiences which may also be of a spiritual nature.

Over my lifetime, I discovered and developed the Ascension Mind Method which I have used to connect my Higher Self to the Universal Mind and I have taught this method at Ascension Quest, Mount Shasta, California and at the Lightbearer Institute when I lived in Reno, Nevada.

I also enjoy helping people to understand their dreams and I have a method how you can easily understand your dreams.

Today, as a minister and pastoral counselor I help people to understand both their spiritual experiences and their spiritual crises. In some cultures, people actively seek spiritual experiences by seeking the “Vision Quest” and I feel that if we don’t allow time for vision questing, then our spirit will lead us on a vision quest spiritual experience journey, even though we hadn’t planned it.

I feel blessed to live an inspired spiritual life and I’m grateful that I can see, sense and connect my Higher Self to the Universal Mind, to God, Jesus, the angels, to spirits and to Miracles.


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Marla is also an author, an international speaker, and is certified as a Reiki Master teacher and Life Optimization coach.
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