The Universe Sent Me a Spiritual Notice

Spiritual Notice: Enjoy the Universe, suedkollektiv, , CC.
Enjoy the Universe. suedkollektiv, CC.

Just a few months ago I couldn’t even recognize myself. I felt so down and all alone, and lost everything that mattered to me. I lost my job. I became divorced and was drowning in a sea of debt and obligations. I found myself a victim of circumstances and blamed everyone except myself for all the bad choices and decisions I made.

I cried myself to sleep and felt the whole world crumbling at my feet. I could no longer look at myself in the mirror for I had literally become a ghost of my old self.

Then one day, I was praying intently, raised my arms to God and asked for help from the deepest recesses of my heart. I surrendered myself to Him and accepted my situation. I felt the heaviness lift my heart as I forgave everyone who has done me wrong. I no longer bear any grievance and asked God to forgive them for their transgressions. I thanked God for all the blessings He has showered on me and appreciated the fact that I am alive and given the chance to pick up the pieces and move on.

Universal Alignment

I found myself completely aligned with the Universe at that very moment. I felt a certain warmth come over me and I saw myself surrounded by light, love and compassion. Tears of happiness flowed from my eyes as I felt the abundant love and mercy of the Divine. It was a truly amazing experience which I will cherish forevermore. And that’s where I found the inspiration to write this article and the words simply flowed from me like I was divinely inspired.

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Dearly Beloved,

We are writing to you from the Universe to let you know that you are incredibly loved.

We have been with you since your inception and we have surrounded you with the brilliance of our unconditional love.

You are a magnificent human being whom we have enveloped with an aura of pure energy and genuine love which when harnessed would give you a powerful connection with the Divine.

We have never left you but you have let your doubts and fears cloud the inner recesses of your mind and heart, letting them take over your whole being.

You have unconsciously severed your connection with us with your increasing isolation and despair. You have let negative thoughts take over your most powerful tool … your subconscious mind. You have completely forgotten how it is to live and be one with the Universe.

A Spiritual Notice of Remembrance

Do you remember what it was like to be a pristine child … wandering with wide-eyed innocence as you played in gardens of delight, the silence broken only by angelic laughter. You were curious in every turn … highly inquisitive at the vastness of the universe. You stared in awe at the beautiful butterflies and flocks of birds that flew high above … gazed at the moon and stars as they illuminated the dark sky.

Spiritual Notice: Windmill, Lei Han, CC.
Windmill. Lei Han, CC.

You are a child of the Universe, sincerely beloved and immensely treasured. Do not despair for we have always been here for you.

You are not alone in your despondent search for inner peace that has somehow eluded you in your quest for the truth. We have heard your pleas and your zealous desire to belong and be relieved of the burdens that have weighed you down all through these years.

We know that it has been sometime since you have seen the sun shining so brightly in your life. You feel the walls closing in around you everywhere you turn. You are drowning in a sea of misfortune that made you believe in your heart that bad luck followed you wherever you go.

Yet have you ever lifted your face up and seen the clouds clearing up in the sky? Have you ever seen the sun’s rays peeping out from the dark clouds?

Have you ever, for one moment, stilled the voices inside your head, and listened intently to the whispers of your heart?

Just reflect for a while and wipe the tears from your eyes. Always remember that you are loved and not alone. Clear the cobwebs from your mind as we guide you in your search for happiness and serenity.

Your quest for brilliance and lightness of spirit will soon come to an end for we will help you reconnect and reconcile with the Universe. You are about to embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery and success mastery.

We will help you transcend all emotions that caused you pain and misery. You will soon forget your constant struggles to meet your daily needs.

Spiritual Notice: Galaxy, Indigo Skies Photography, CC.
Galaxy. Indigo Skies Photography, CC.

You will find doors of opportunities opening to you which were locked before despite your incessant knocking. You will be awed by the outpouring of blessings that would come your way.

From now on stop blaming yourself for your inadequacies and shortcomings. You are a beautiful creation of God and deserve all the accolade and miracles that we will pour on you. You will finally recognize the unique and creative person that you truly are.

And now, as you reflect on the words we have imparted to you, we will await your transformation as we travel with you on your journey of illumination to be One, at last, with the Universe.

Let your inner glow shine brightly as you realize your passion and manifest your dreams. Prepare your heart and mind to receive the countless blessings we are about to pour on you.

Listen and be blessed.

The Universe


From the editor: This is such a fascinating spiritual experience from Dr. Edna Joyce Santos that shows us that help can come from many places – even through a spiritual notice from the Universe! Her new book Are You Crazy? is scheduled for launch in the early fall. You can contact Dr. Edna by her email address, or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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Edna Joyce Santos

Edna Joyce Santos

Dr. Edna Joyce Santos is an accomplished ophthalmologist who established the Southern Tagalog Society of Ophthalmology for which she received numerous citations and awards.

She has found her passion in writing, sharing her experiences with the world, and touching people’s lives. Her focus is showing people that they matter - that they are truly and incredibly loved by the Universe.

She has several books soon to be published, including her personal story, “Are You Crazy?”, as well as the biography of Wolfgang Christoff, “Sohni”, who by the way is her life coach in her personal journey to life transformation.

Dr. Santos is also the official spokesperson and liaison officer for Miss Sophia Stewart, the world famous author and franchise holder of The Matrix Trilogy and Terminator series.
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