A Spiritual Gift Brings Spiritual Growth and Mindfulness

Spiritual gift brings spiritual growth and mindfulness - image.
Spiritual gift brings spiritual growth and mindfulness.

Here’s a spiritual discussion with Jock Brocas. He’s a spiritual author, editor of The Otherside Press, and an evidential spirit medium. He’s also the founder and president of ASSMPI which is a nonprofit spiritualist research organization.

Spiritual Fizz: Jock, when and how did you first realize that you have a spiritual gift?

I have always led a spiritual life or as much of a spiritual life as one would consider it spiritual. My uncle was a Redemptorist monk in a monastery and led a very monastic life. As a young boy, I would spend most of my spare time with the brothers and those on spiritual quests. I guess I have that as an understanding of my spiritual beginnings. However, in terms of when I knew I had a gift – I probably didn’t know anything was a gift, but deep inside I knew I was very different from my friends and family. I looked at people, situations and things in life – different from most individuals. I always knew there was a higher power at work in my life and I had those usual episodes of what seemed to be unnatural insight into events, people, places and situations. However, I didn’t consider it to be special, and after being taunted a bit, I kept those experiences and personal quests quiet.

In my young years I was quite a studious person and would be on a personal quest for spiritual knowledge. I prayed fervently as I was taught in Catholicism, but sooner or later, my prayer life would turn to divine conversations as if I was speaking to a best friend.

Important Service from a Spiritual Gift

Spiritual Fizz: Can you describe a situation in your work that made the most impact on someone’s life?

My work in afterlife research and my mediumship is my most important aspect of my life, other than my wife of course. I would have to say that all situations and all people are equally important in my eyes and in my heart. I strive to be of service in some way every day – to live by my three chosen rules of love, forgiveness and compassion.

Perhaps my most memorable sitting would be when family members came to me to get closure on a particularly troublesome passing.  It was an event that haunted them for many years and even after seeing other well-known mediums, they were guided to me. It was a very emotional time and I can only venture that this spirit chose the specific medium to work with and I was honored to be that medium. The situation was laid to rest over highly evidential information.  Thankfully the case and the family were able to move on, officially and personally after 7 years of heartache.

Out of the many personal and private sittings or public events I’ve done, often the smallest aspects of service are the most important and don’t need a grandiose event of proof. Just giving time to someone who needs you, or appreciating the miracle of life or showing compassion to those misunderstood are often the greatest spiritual endeavors.

Spiritual Fizz: That’s an amazing experience. Are there exercises that you can do to sharpen your skills? Or does the ability somewhat come and go as it pleases?

I’m a great proponent of living a clean life in mind, body and soul and to try to be aware of being aware. Becoming more mindful in thought and in deed does help to forge a deeper connection to the divine and to be able to recognize the language of the soul at a deeper level. I am able to control every aspect of my communication and can decide when to open, when to remain closed or whether I should listen and react to those on the other side. I’m not a big believer in just giving out messages willy-nilly and I am certainly not a leaky medium. I receive contact from those in the spirit world every day of my life and sometimes in the most unusual situations. But my professionalism and desire for etiquette and standards stops me acting at times and I know that spirit will find a way of making the communication happen. So I am in total control and I’m aware of the need for ego and dangers of the ego, which I work to love, control and accept all at once.

Spiritual Fizz: Sometimes we view humanity and the universe around us as one large connected entity. Is that something that you are tapping into?

I would be a fool to consider us separate in any way. I do know of the interconnectedness of everything that has been divinely animated by the great spirit and so I am fully aware of the power we have and the interconnectedness of all that is. Like many others I am not infallible and continue to strive to better myself and those around me in all aspects of mind, body and soul – placing, love, forgiveness and compassion above all else.

A Spiritual Gift in Perspective

Spiritual Gift and Paranormal Events Image
Spiritual Gift and Paranormal Events

Spiritual Fizz: This spiritual gift that you have and that you’re telling us about, how has the realization of it changed your perspective of life and the world around you?

I would say, that being a medium has always been within me, a natural ability that I’ve always had, but only later in life could I really appreciate what impact it has within my life and in others. I’m not talking about the readings and demonstrations of it, because that’s such a miniscule aspect of what I believe mediumship to be. It’s a mere grain of sand on a vast desert or a particle of ash in a volcano. There are so many aspects to it, which helps in spiritual growth, mindfulness and compassion. While it’s wonderful to commune with the other side, it offers me so much more in terms of divine being.

Spiritual Fizz: For someone who has a spiritual gift like yours, what do you recommend for for that person as a direction to develop their ability?

Though at times I may get frustrated because of the direction or envisioning progress, I’ve learned that my free will is limited. I’m guided by the great spirit in carrying out a divine plan, which is sometimes not my vision of my plan. Spirit will always guide and give me what I need – not necessarily what I want. Needing and wanting are two separate things. I still struggle to let go and continue with the same battles as everyone else. In short, I am nothing special, but I am divine in every way like every one of us.


From the editor: That was an insightful discussion about the compassion and spirituality in mediumship with Jock Brocas and his tireless work to prove the existence of life after death. You can find out more about Jock and his work at his website.

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Jock Brocas

Jock Brocas

Jock Brocas is a spiritual author, editor of “The Otherside Press" and evidential spirit medium. He is also the founder and president of the ASSMPI, a nonprofit spiritualist research organization, and founder of Afterlife Connect. Jock teaches about spiritual retreats and mediumship development throughout the United States, and works tirelessly to prove the existence of life after death.

Contact Jock on his website https://jockbrocas.com and read his column on https://theothersidepress.com.
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