My Journey From Pain to Spiritual Awakening

My Journey from Pain to Spiritual Awakening
My Journey from Pain to Spiritual Awakening

My journey to spiritual awakening was not the result of me having a burning desire to develop a closer relationship with God. It was the result of me trying to escape from deep emotional pain and suffering.

Over thirty years ago, my husband and I were trying to have a child. I thought it would be relatively easy to accomplish this, but that was not the case. We struggled with infertility for years.

During this time, I was devastated. We were loving, caring people. What had we done to deserve this? Why couldn’t we have a child? None of the medical treatments we tried worked and I became desperate to find some way that we could become parents.

The beginning of my spiritual awakening came in the form of my first mentor Cathy. She introduced me to the idea that we can create what we want by visualizing a successful outcome and by affirming that it is already ours. This sounded crazy to me, but I was willing to try anything.

I visualized myself being pregnant. I affirmed that I was a mother. I worked very hard at doing these spiritual practices but nothing changed. Then Cathy told me that we have to be willing to not have what we want if it is for our highest good. We need to “let go and let God.”

I had a big problem with that concept. I did not totally trust God. I was concerned that if I “let go and let God,” I would not get what I wanted. I was afraid that if I surrendered my desire to God, I would be very disappointed with the outcome.

I felt stuck.

Trust in the Goodness of God

Just as I was about to give up all hope that I could ever become a mother, someone gave me a book of affirmative spiritual statements. Two of them jumped out at me.

When you ask God for bread, He will not give you a stone.

God never leaves a need unmet.

These statements transformed my relationship with God. I finally understood that if I surrendered my desires to God, He would never disappoint me. I could let go and allow God to take over and, I knew in my heart, I would be satisfied with the outcome, whatever it was.

As soon as I allowed God to be in charge, I got pregnant even though the doctors told us it wasn’t possible. This was the first step along my path of spiritual understanding and growth.

My Journey from Pain to Spiritual Awakening
My Journey from Pain to Spiritual Awakening

God Loves Us and a Spiritual Awakening

I am grateful to say that I have two sons. The greatest lesson that I learned as a result of my struggle with infertility is that God loves us and is always available to support us. When I am faced with challenges and fears about the future, I go back to those two statements and they comfort me and strengthen my faith.

My greatest and most important spiritual awakening is knowing that whenever I trust in God’s goodness and love, I will always be delighted with the result.


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