Podcast Interview: Mediumship and Mindfulness with Jock Brocas

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Here’s a summary from our insightful podcast interview with Jock Brocas about mediumship, spiritual growth, and mindfulness.

  • Intro 8:30
  • Technical difficulties solved by Jock 9:30
  • Jock discusses when and how he discovered his spiritual gift 11:28
  • Seeing monks who had passed at the Seminary 14:30
  • As a child seeing and knowing things that others didn’t 16:30
  • The responsibility of seeing and mediumship 18:52
  • Love, forgiveness, and compassion in mediumship 20:20
  • How you deliver information is very important 22:15
  • Mentoring and awareness in mediumship 24:34
  • What’s up next for Jock, an interesting book, and how to contact him 30:45

You can hear Jock’s interview in the episode Ring of Brodgar / Evidential Spirit Medium Jock Brocas / Mother Earth and Grass on Apple Podcasts and on Google Play Music.

Mediumship with Jock Brocas.
Mediumship with Jock Brocas

Jock Brocas is a spiritual author, editor of The Otherside Press and evidential spirit medium. He is also the founder and president of the ASSMPI (a non profit spiritualist research organization) and founder of afterlife connect. Jock teaches spiritual retreats and mediumship development throughout the United States and works tirelessly to prove the existence of life after death.

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