Spiritual Reflections: Everyone Walks Differently

Spiritual Reflections by Russell Suereth

Everyone Walks Differently

One way we can look at the connection between the spiritual world and the physical world is by looking at paths.

There are many types of paths. There’s a physical path that we take when we walk along an old dirt road in the woods. There are also spiritual paths that help us toward a greater sense of enlightenment. We can learn more about these spiritual paths by considering how we walk along the paths in our physical world.

Have you ever noticed that everyone walks in their own unique way? They move their hips differently, or lift their knees differently, and even push off with their toes in a different way.

We realize that people have different shapes, and different size legs and feet. We don’t expect them to walk exactly the same way. It just seems normal that people walk differently as they travel along their favorite path in the woods.

So why do we expect people to journey along their spiritual path all in the same manner?

We say that we allow people to have spiritual and religious freedoms. But we teach them to live according to beliefs that are good for us, or to beliefs we think will be good for them. We don’t teach people how to travel along their own path, in their own way. It is that journey along their spiritual path that is unique and special.

It’s unique because only that person can journey in that manner.

It’s special because it leads to their own spiritual self, and their own unique spiritual existence.

By Russell Suereth

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