Spiritual Reflections: Importance of Being in the Present

Spiritual Reflections by Russell Suereth

Importance of Being in the Present

The connection between the spiritual world and the physical world doesn’t occur in the past, and it doesn’t happen some day in the future. Instead, that connection is happening today. Right now. In the present.

Many times we’ll hear people talk about “being in the present moment”. So why is that important? Someone may argue and say “why not spend my time thinking about the past, or wondering about the future? What benefit do I get from being in the present?” In actuality though, there is a benefit that is real. And that benefit is connectivity.

When you are in the present you settle into the current situation. You settle into your own person, and connect to your own real existence.

It’s this awareness that strengthens your sense of self. It strengthens your sense of existence and your connection to the spiritual world. Once you’re in the present, the past and the future seem to just fade away.

What is left is you, in an existence that has no beginning and has no end.

An existence that exists always.

By Russell Suereth

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