Podcast Interview: Spiritual Hospice with John Connor

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Here’s a summary from our insightful podcast interview with John Connor about spiritual care counselor in hospice.

  • Intro 7:30
  • How John started working in hospice 9:00
  • A journey starts 10:20
  • Becoming a chaplain 13:00
  • John starts working in hospice 15:20
  • Listening and acceptance 17:00
  • End of life situations and perspective 22:30
  • No comforting things to say 24:00
  • Working in hospice is fulfilling 27:30
  • Hospices need volunteers 31:15
  • Find out more about John, upcoming books, and how to contact him 32:20

You can hear John’s interview in the episode Native American Burial Site in Crystal River / Spiritual Care Counselor in Hospice John Connor / Importance of Being in the Present on Apple Podcasts and on Google Play Music.

John Connor
John Connor

John Connor is author of The Straightjacket of Perfectionism: How to Stop Chasing ‘Perfect’ and Finally Achieve Your Greatest Goals.

He has worked for the last 12 years as a spiritual care counselor in hospice, and is an ordained minister in the Unity Church denomination.

John was profiled in The Washington Post and other publications, and his article writing has been published most recently in the Huffington Post. Leading workshops on overcoming perfectionism is a favorite for John. You can learn more about him at his website.

You can find out about all of our featured guests on our Great Guests page.

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