Podcast Interview: Spiritual Mentoring with Della Menechella

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Here’s a summary from our inspiring podcast interview with Della Menechella and her incredible story of spiritual awakening.

  • Intro 8:43
  • Della describes the suffering she experienced 10:30
  • The start of her spiritual journey 12:15
  • Steps in the journey 17:40
  • Learning to live the journey 19:00
  • Understanding that surrendering is important 20:20
  • Della becomes pregnant 23:00
  • Directing the universe to your own needs 26:00
  • Find out more about Della and how to contact her 28:05

You can hear Della’s interview in the episode Pre-Historic Walk in Africa / Spiritual Mentor Della Menechella / Everyone Walks Differently on Apple Podcasts and on Google Play Music.

Della Menechella
Della Menechella

Della Menechella a spiritual mentor who teaches business women how to achieve their goals with less struggle. She has more than two decades of experience in combining spiritual tools and mental mastery to help women achieve positive results.

Her free e-book is titled The Secret to Achieving What You Really Want – A 6 Step Spiritual Process Takes You From Dream to Reality!  You can find out more about Della at her LinkedIn page.

You can find out about all of our featured guests on our Great Guests page.

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