Spiritual Reflections: Hearing Our Inner Voice

Spiritual Reflections by Russell Suereth

Hearing Our Inner Voice

Sometimes it feels like my inner voice is my main connection between the physical world and the spiritual world. But when there is so much going on it’s hard for me to hear my inner voice.

When there’s a high emotional situation, or I’m in the middle of a hectic schedule, I can sometimes just barely notice it. It seems like a slight whisper that I often must not be able to perceive, because I only notice it occasionally.

If I do notice it, and have the ability to pay attention in that moment, it often says the same thing.

It says, wait.

Take a breath.

Pay attention to where you are. Perceive your surroundings, and notice that you are part of a larger existence that is guiding you in this moment.

By Russell Suereth

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