Spiritual Reflections: Our Spirituality is Already Here

Spiritual Reflections by Russell Suereth

Our Spirituality is Already Here

Sometimes what we’re looking for is already right beside us. Like when you’re trying to find your keys and realize they’re in your pocket. Or when when you’re searching for the love of your life and discover it’s the person who lives two blocks away. Or when you’re searching for answers in the spiritual world.

Spiritual Fizz FlowerI’m fascinated about the world around us, and how we can connect to the spiritual world. But sometimes I think that I need to search in different places to find it. As if the spiritual world was hiding behind a tree, or possibly buried under a rock.

After a while I’ll figure out that I’m doing it all wrong. Instead of searching for a spiritual world in a game of hide and seek, I realize that my life is already spiritual, and that spirituality is my life.

Instead of looking for answers, I can simply be where I am right now, where I am today. That is, a being who already exists in the same spiritual world that I’ve been looking for.

Already living a spiritual life that I’ve been seeking.

The place where I’ve been all along.

By Russell Suereth

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