Podcast Interview: Spiritual Counselor Amirah Hall

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Here’s a summary from our podcast interview with spiritual counselor Amirah Hall and her amazing and transcendent spiritual story.

  • Intro 07:24
  • Amirah’s journey starts 09:00
  • The winking statue 12:18
  • Fun with friends 14:20
  • Her transcendent experience 16:40
  • Behind the doors 22:28
  • Healing abilities 28:35
  • Amirah’s writings 30:10
  • How to get in contact with Amirah 34:06

You can hear Amirah’s interview in the episode Giant Serpent Mound / Spiritual Counselor Amirah Hall / One with the Universe on Apple Podcasts, on Google Play Music, or on the Spiritual Fizz website.

Amirah Hall is an international, best-selling author, speaker, intuitive channel, and spiritual counselor. She is the author of three books: WAKE UP Shift Happens, LOVE UP Your Life – 10 Quick & Easy Steps Using Science of Attraction Principles, and Manifesting Miracles 101 – The Art of Being in The Flow. Those books serve as the foundation of her unique and powerful work.

You can find out more about Amirah at her website.

Amirah Hall - spiritual counselor





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