Podcast Interview: Master Hospice Practitioner Karen Wyatt

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Here’s a summary from our podcast interview with Master Hospice Practitioner Karen Wyatt and her insights about spirituality in end of life situations.

  • Intro 8:00
  • What drives Karen in her spiritual work 9:15
  • How her medical practice affected her spirituality 10:25
  • Being a spiritual physician 13:15
  • Introducing spiritual concepts in hospice situations 16:40
  • End of life situations and family involvement 18:16
  • Karen’s book, What Really Matters 19:55
  • Karen’s own family caregiving experience 21:30
  • Family caregiving and spirituality 24:12
  • Karen’s advice on spirituality and end of life 25:00
  • What’s next for Karen and how to get in touch with her 26:35

You can hear Karen’s interview in the episode Rollright Stones Saved by Timelord / Master Hospice Practitioner Karen Wyatt / Waiting in Line on Apple Podcasts, on Google Play Music, or on the Spiritual Fizz website.

Karen Wyatt is a retired family physician who has founded a free medical clinic in a homeless shelter, accompanied three medical-mission teams to Honduras, testified before the U.S. Senate on integrated medical care, and developed a Creative Healing initiative to integrate spirituality into traditional medical practice.

Today, Karen is an author and public speaker who shares the insightful stories of hospice and end-of-life patients, and helps people achieve spiritual healing. She is also the author of What Really Matters: 7 Lessons for Living from the Stories of the Dying, and The Tao of Death: The Secret to a Rich and Meaningful Life. Both are available on Amazon.

You can find out more about Karen at her website.

Karen Wyatt





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