Podcast Interview: Contemporary Spiritual Teacher Allison Sutter

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Here’s a summary from our podcast interview with Contemporary Spiritual Teacher Allison Sutter and her spiritual insights.

  • Intro 6:50
  • Inner guidance and fun 08:15
  • Being self-centric versus ego-centric 11:35
  • Creating our own reality 13:30
  • Channeling and energy flow 17:40
  • What’s next for Allison and how to contact her 19:19

You can hear Allison’s interview in the episode Largest Stone Circle in Europe / Contemporary Spiritual Teacher Allison Sutter / New Perspectives and Relationships on Apple Podcasts, on Google Play Music, or on the Spiritual Fizz website.

Allison Sutter is a best selling author and contemporary spiritual teacher. She’s also highly acclaimed for her ability to seamlessly blend spirituality and practical self-help information making it relevant to daily life.

Her new book, Accelerate Your Mojo: 7 Simple Steps to Ignite Intuition, Shake Off Fear and Unleash the Real You, is available on Amazon.

Her digital courses have been used by students in more than 32 countries, and are available on her website.

Allison Sutter






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