Spiritual Reflections: New Perspectives and Personal Relationships

Spiritual Reflections by Russell Suereth

New Perspectives and Personal Relationships

When I think of the countless possible connections that could exist between the physical and spiritual worlds, I also think of the vast number of perspectives that could arise from those connections. But sometimes I’m a little reluctant to integrate a new perspective into my life.

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Sometimes I think that my new perspective will change me so much that I’ll stop loving the people I love, and needing the people who are important in my life.

I think that maybe with my new perspective that I’ll find that the people in my life are boring, and that I’ll decide to leave them behind.

But in real life all of the changes that I’ve had and the new perspectives that I’ve gained have actually enhanced my existing relationships. I’ve found that new awarenesses enable me to see my relationships in a larger and more full context.

Inside this context is an extension of the physical world, and an extension of my relationships into an existence that is spiritual and timeless.

By Russell Suereth

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