Spiritual Reflections: Talking Trees

Spiritual Reflections by Russell Suereth

Talking Trees

When I think of the hard physical world I think of large weathered stones, and towering sturdy trees. Trees are interesting creatures. In their own way they can help us learn to connect to the spiritual world.

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There are several spots near my house where I’ll walk in the woods, or walk past a grove along the road, and the trees just seem so alive.

It’s not just the leaves that stir in the breeze. Not just the slow sway of their lean branches. What I mean is that they seem to talk.

I can just barely hear them – actually it’s more a perceiving than a hearing. Yes, they are talking and I can hardly notice them whisper in a language I know nothing about, and possibly can never understand. Though I know they’re talking because they allow me to notice.

I direct my senses toward them, and in my clumsy way try to gather more of their strange words. But I stumble upon my own thoughts and the words of the trees fade away. Then I turn and continue my solitary travel.

I walk past these particular trees often, and each time I do I feel the same sense of connection with them. It is as if the trees are saying, “these are our words, they tell of our existence, and they are here for all creatures to behold.”

By Russell Suereth

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