Podcast Interview: Cultural Advocate Jeff Rasley

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Here’s a summary from our podcast interview with cultural advocate Jeff Rasley and his spiritual insights.

  • Intro 7:50
  • The spiritual benefits of working with the village in Nepal 09:50
  • Working and a spiritual life 12:20
  • Play and spiritual life 14:45
  • How the Basa people are more spiritual in their everyday life 17:20
  • Respect and spirituality 18:10
  • Are Basa villagers happier? 19:30
  • Is there a spiritual experience of hiking the Himalayan mountains? 21:40
  • What’s coming up for Jeff and how to contact him 24:50

You can hear Jeff’s interview in the episode Mount Kilimanjaro / Cultural Advocate Jeff Rasley / Talking Trees on Apple Podcasts, on Google Play Music, or on the Spiritual Fizz website.

Jeff Rasley is the president of the Basa Village Foundation, which funds culturally sensitive development in Nepal. He’s also a director for five nonprofit organizations, the U.S. liaison for the Himalayan expedition company Adventure GeoTreks, and he teaches the philosophy of philanthropy at Butler University. Jeff blends his work and his teaching in the physical world with a strong sense of spirituality.

Jeff is the author of many fascinating books which are available on his Amazon Author Page. You can find out more about Jeff at his website.

Jeff Rasley







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