Spiritual Events and Observances – January 21st, 2018

Spiritual Events and Observances from Spiritual Fizz

Events at or around January 21st, 2018

We have some interesting spiritual events coming up soon on the calendar.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama will give a short teaching from the Jataka Tales in the morning at the Main Tibetan Temple on March 2nd in Dharamsala, India.

We have a couple of important spiritual observations

Vasant Panchami is a Hindu spring festival observed on January 21st.

On Vasant Pachami day, people rise early to dress in yellow clothes, adorn their forehead with yellow turmeric, and worship the sun goddess, and the earth. The colour yellow represents good fortune, spirituality, the ripening of the spring crops.

Yes, it’s February and for many of us that means the middle of those winter doldrums.  It happens to me too. Every  year around this time, I feel sluggish and a little depressed.  But there’s some hope for all of us to lift our sprits in the month of February.  This shortened month has several ancient festivals that are still celebrated today.

One of these festivals is the festival of Imbolc which is mentioned in Irish literature starting from the 10th century.  The festival was held on February the first. It was widely observed in Ireland and Scotland as one of the four Gaelic seasonal festivals. The festival of Imbolc marked the beginning of spring where special and joyous feasts were held.

That’s our news segment for this episode. In our next episode we’ll find out even more about about the people and events in our spiritual world.

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