Spiritual Acoustics of Stonehenge

Stonehenge. Photo by thegarethwiscombe. CC.

Five millenia ago among burial mounds and farms, a horseshoe shaped earthen bank was built that pointed to the sunrise of the summer solstice. That place is Stonehenge and it’s one of the world’s most famous prehistoric monuments.

Stonehenge is located in South West England in Wiltshire county which is known for its ancient sacred sites. People from the Neolithic age began building the site around five  millennia ago.  That’s when the henge or earthen bank part was created. The bank measures about 100 meters across, and has two entrances. Later, around 2400 BC. the stone circle began to take shape with large standing bluestones that are 13 feet high and about seven feet wide.

The area surrounding Stonehenge contains many neolithic burial mounds and monuments. The nearby Avebury monument, Stonehenge and some ancient mounds are combined into a Unesco World Heritage site called Stonehenge, Avebury and Associated Sites.

It’s hard for researchers today to understand the exact purposes are of these sacred sites. What we do know, is that Stonehenge is arranged in a horseshoe shape that is aligned to the sunrise of the summer solstice, and the sunset of the winter solstice.  Accordingly there’s a close connection of Stonehenge to celestial events, and to the calendar and seasons. But there are other possible purposes for the sacred site, one of which comes from the sound of the stones themselves.

Researchers have learned that some of the bluestones have an unusual acoustic clang that sounds when the stones are struck. Some ancient cultures believed that acoustic stones called lithophones contained mystical healing powers.

I can imagine being back in that ancient time and watching one of those sacred ceremonies at the end of a cold winter solstice day. I imagine listening to the sacred words being spoken in the ceremony, and maybe in the distance a chorus would arise with the slight clang of the Stonehenge standing stones in accompaniment.

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